Carers UK's Back Me Up campaign

Carers UK's Back Me Up campaign highlighted how carers in Hertfordshire do not get the support they need in an emergency with devastating consequences for their lives. Carers UK called for carers' emergency schemes to be set up in every area.

The government has directly responded by announcing in its White Paper that home based emergency respite support, with refurbished laptops for every carer, set up in every area in England.

Read about our Back Me Up campaign by clicking on the links below.

Back Me Up : the findings

Read in carers' own words what happened when an unseen emergency turned their lives upside down.
When the phone rang in the middle of the night Linda knew something was wrong. Find out what happened.
Planning for an emergency - tips for carers
Be prepared! Read our guide on what carers can do to plan for the unexpected.

Carers messages of support

Read carers' comments about what happened to them in an emergency and their messages of support for the campaign.
Emergency Schemes
Find out if there is a carer emergency card scheme where you live.
Setting up a carer emergency scheme

Setting up a carehome in practice with furnishing and Health and Safety regs
If you don't have a carer emergency scheme in your area - how do you get one started?

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