UK care home costs

Admission to a care home takes place following visits by the prospective client and a very careful assessment. An initial care plan is drawn up with the client, their advocates and any professional network that may be involved. The care package will include a named Key-worker and possibly assisting co-workers if deemed necessary. The care package is initially for a three month trial period followed by another careful assessment to which the network of team members including family and advocates are invited should the client wish it.

The whole emphasis of the care package is "building on strengths". The working philosophy of the a care home team is rehabilitation which is seen as a spectrum of care. The ultimate objective of rehabilitation is a complete restoration of the client. For many of the clients cared for by a care home progress towards the ultimate goal is years along the route. Indeed for many their care remains a journey along that route - now, and for the foreseeable future.

The costs of the care packages vary considerably and much depends on the requirements.