You may be exhausted or find certain caring tasks difficult.
You may be in poor health or caring may affect your work
You might find it difficult finding time for other family commitments.
The illness or condition of the person you care for may have worsened.
Carrying out certain tasks aren't appropriate. For example, a mother may not want her son to bath her.
Whatever your situation you should not have to cope on your own. Here are the questions carers most frequently ask Carers UK about help with caring.

What help is available?

Getting help with practical tasks, arranging a break from caring, adapting your home and getting the most from your GP
How do I get help? Your guide to a carer's assessment
The legal right to an assessment of your needs.
Have you tried using chiropractic supplies at home?
Will I be charged for services?
Social services can charge for some services
How do I get a break from caring?
Getting a break from caring, including care at home and residential care
What support is there when the person I look after is coming out of hospital?
Being involved in all decisions when the person you care for is going in and coming out of hospital
How do I challenge decisions and make a complaint?
Challenging decisions on replacement care, the quality of that care, charges for caring and other issues

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